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BURN ELITE Cut Manager - 90caps - Opis

  • EGCG helps to achieve and maintain normal body mass
  • It helps to maintain normal blood glucose
  • It has antioxidant properties
  • It helps to improve the functioning of the immune system
  • Capsaicin stimulates the oxidation of carbohydrates
  • Chrome eliminates sudden attacks of hunger and appetite
  • Source of antioxidants

Burn Elite Cut Manager

If you want to lose weight, surely you have already used a lot of resources, rigorous diets and poured the last sweats during the killing exercises. The results were slim? Change your ordinary dietary supplement to elite help in achieving your dream figure! Cut Manager from Burn Elite is a sensational supplement that will help you achieve your desired results! The content of capsaicin causes the oxidation of carbohydrates, caffeine adds energy and stimulates to action, and along with capsaicin, they thermally work by increasing body temperature - it helps to burn unwanted fat tissue faster!

EGCG and Caffeine - Action

One of the main ingredients you will find in the Cut Manager diet supplement from Burn Elite is a standardized green tea leaf extract (Camellia Sinensis L.). In this extract you will find two very important substances that make Cut Manager so special. It is EGCG and caffeine. Each of us knows caffeine - we all associate it as the main active ingredient of coffee. It is not without reason that it is combined with a stimulant effect, caffeine as an active substance helps to increase alertness and contributes to the increase of physical efficiency during exercise. Do not just think that caffeine is only these two activities, it supports your process of getting rid of unnecessary kilograms also through properties such as:

  • Kofeina pomaga poprawić skupienie/koncentrację
  • Kofeina pomaga zwiększyć czujność (mierzoną jako szybkość czasu reakcji)
  • Kofeina przyczynia się do zwiększenia wydolności fizycznej podczas wysiłku
  • Kofeina przyczynia się do zwiększenia wytrzymałości podczas wysiłku
  • Kofeina przyczynia się do obniżenia stopnia odczuwania wysiłku (RPE) podczas ćwiczeń

EGCG is the second active substance that will definitely and effectively influence the achievement of your dream figure and getting rid of extra kilograms. This is the abbreviation followed by the enigmatic chemical name Epigallo-catechin-3-galate. The name may be hard to remember, but the impact and properties of this substance will surprise you positively. You can also find this substance under the name of epigallocatechin gallate - it is a powerful antioxidant that has a stronger effect than vitamin C or E. In addition to antioxidant properties that effectively protect you from the negative effects of free radicals, you should know that it also has a clear slimming potential - accelerates fat burning.

The composition of the Cut Manager supplement from Burn Elite is a non-accidental mixture of active substances, but a carefully thought-out composition of ingredients that will definitely and effectively support you in the process of burning body fat. EGCG has a strong synergistic effect, so in combination with capsaicin and caffeine it works even more than if it was used alone. When you regularly use the Cut Manager dietary supplement, you not only provide effective support in the process of losing extra kilos, but also take care of your body in the fight against free radicals, improve your concentration and cause that you have even more energy to act than usual.

Thermogenic effect - Literally burn fat!

Capsaicin contained in the diet supplement Cut Manager is a substance that works thermogenically, which means that it causes an increase in body temperature. This makes the metabolic rate increase - and the rate of lipolysis, in other words the release of free fatty acids into the bloodstream, increases. Lipolysis is a process during which fat inside cells is burned. This process has the potential to exist thanks to adrenal hormones, i.e. thanks to adrenaline and noradrenaline.

It is thanks to the increased intensity of energy transformations that you owe to lipolysis that you get a thermogenic effect. This is dictated by the fact that thanks to lipolysis and increasing the intensity of metabolism, large amounts of thermal energy are released in your body, which will increase your temperature. The lipolysis process intensifies to a large extent especially during physical activity. Then it is the energy released mainly in the form of heat - about 25% of energy is used for muscle work, the remaining part is released in the form of heat.

Cut Manager is a revolutionary supplement - it combines the beneficial properties of many components, whose synergistic properties few people are subjected to reduction knows. Caffeine, capsaicin and EGCG support effective fat burning, and by working together they provide phenomenal results thanks to the thermogenic effect that helps you get rid of unwanted kilos even better. In addition, the composition will also contain substances that will help you protect your body from the negative effects of free radicals, and in addition, the whole mixture has been strengthened with the addition of chromium - a mineral that you should also take care of during the reduction diet! Chromium helps to maintain the proper level of glucose in the blood, and thus help you control your appetite, thanks to resist sudden abortions of hunger. In addition, chromium helps to maintain the proper metabolism of macronutrients! Look no longer for a supplement that will help you walk the path to your dream figure! Your guide will be Cut Manager from Burn Elite!

Standardized green tea leaf extract

Green tea has been used for many years to support people who are slimming. Its beneficial effects are derived from the presence of substances from the catechin family, namely epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). In addition, you will also find caffeine in it. Green tea helps in slimming through multidirectional effects on reducing body fat. It supports the inhibition of absorption of fats from food and intensifies their consumption by your body! Thanks to the content of a standardized extract, you ensure the use of a supplement in which the given amounts of active substances agree with the actual state. Many supplements supporting slimming have extracts, however, you never know exactly how clean they provide substances such as caffeine or catechins - by investing in Cut Manager, you invest in the best weight loss aid on the market!

Grapefruit fruit extract

Grapefruit fruit is a great support not only for people who want to achieve their dream figure, but for all people who care about their well-being. They are full of beneficial flavonoids, which are natural antioxidants. These substances support your body against the negative effects of free radicals. Oxidants - means previously mentioned free radicals - cause damage to cell structures. Such destruction leads to a decrease in your well-being, but it can also disturb the process of reduction. We are not able to guard against their presence because they arise with every breath - that is why it is so important to ensure the right amount of antioxidants.

N-acetyl L-Carnitine

N-acetyl L-carnitine will be for you one of the most important ingredients of the Cut Manager supplement. It has properties that improve the processes of fat metabolization, it is also worth knowing that the substance also shows activities that improve the regeneration of the body after exhausting physical effort. L-carnitine is also responsible for the efficient transport of fatty acids and converting them into energy! Burn fat, transform it into energy and use it to make your exercises even more abundant in intensity!

Standardized Cayenne pepper fruit extract

What would a supplement that supports thermogenic slimming work without an extract of Cayenne pepper fruit. Each of us knows this spicy spice straight from the Mexican cuisine, but not everyone knows how much of the beneficial properties it has for people slimming. The main active ingredient contained in the extract of Cayenne pepper fruit is capsaicin - it is she who is responsible for the characteristic sharpness of the seasoning, but for you it will be important that it is the capsaicin that has thermogenic properties. It increases body warmth and accelerates metabolism thanks to which you burn excess kilos even better than before! Additionally, you should know that the standardized Cayenne pepper fruit extract also supports the functioning of the digestive system by accelerating the blood circulation in the stomach.

Chrome and its properties

For sure, if you follow a rigorous diet, you also take vitamins and minerals to your body at the same time. In the Cut Manager supplement you will find a chrome supplement in the form of picolinate - a highly absorbable form with high bioavailability. Thanks to the use of picolinate, you ensure that the chrome you supply with each portion of Cut Manager will be properly absorbed and used as much as possible by your body! What properties does chromium exhibit? Put simply, it stops you from sudden attacks of hunger and appetite. You have probably once come to something sweet because of such an attack - that's it! The inclusion of chromium permanently for supplementation is to ensure an effective fight against the so-called wolf hunger. Chromium has the effect of facilitating the passage of glucose from the blood into the cells, thereby reducing the need for insulin. This brings with it effective help in reducing appetite and appetite for sweets.

Portion: 1caps
Servings per container: 90
Packaging: 90caps

Ingredients: Standardized green tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze) EGCG 17%, caffeine 7%, filler - microcrystalline cellulose, Ceylon cinnamon extract (Cinnamomum verum J. Presl), grapefruit fruit extract (Citrus paradisi Mac-fad), N-acetyl L-carnitine, anti-caking agent - magnesium salts of fatty acids, **** standardized ginger root extract (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) Incl. 5% gingerols, standardized pepper fruit extract Cayenne (Capsicum annuum L.) incl. 8% capsaicin, chromium (chromium picolinate).

Active ingredientsin 1capsNRV%**
Standardized green tea leaf extract 200mg -
(Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze) including:   -
- EGCG 34mg -
- Caffeine 14mg -
Extract from Ceylon cinnamon 75mg -
(Cinnamomum verum J.Presl)   -
Grapefruit fruit extract 20mg -
(Citrus Paradisi Mac-fad)   -
N-acetyl L-carnitine 20mg -
**** standardized extract of ginger root 10mg -
(Zingiber officinale Rosc.) Including:   -
- gingerols 0,5mg -
Standardized Cayenne pepper fruit extract 8mg -
(Capsicum annuum L.), including:   -
- capsaicin 0,64mg -
chromium 600mcg 1500%

**** Due to the standard content of ginger root extract (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) It is not by children under 6 years of age.
*** Nutritional values given in a small dress. The site is constantly updated, but it happens that this is the end.
Information on the correct production (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)
* Ingredients, grammage and nutritional values of the product.

Sposób użycia: 1 kapsułkę, raz dziennie, najlepiej po posiłku.

Dietary supplements can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Remember that only a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition ensure proper functioning of the body and maintain good condition.

Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day. The product can not be used by people who are allergic to any of its components. Keep out of the reach of small children. Store in a dry place at room temperature in tightly closed containers.

Best before end: date and batch number is on the side / bottom of the package.

Net weight: 90caps

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Cut Manager - 90caps

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