IRON HORSE Supreme Whey - 2000g

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  • Supreme Whey - 2000g
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IRON HORSE Supreme Whey - 2000g - Opis

  • High protein content
  • Low amount of carbohydrates and fats
  • In the composition of 3 protein fractions
  • Perfect for expanding muscle tissue
  • Useful in the fat reduction phase

One supplement, many functions - Supreme Whey

Protein supplement from Iron Horse are 3 protein fractions that will help you achieve your dream figure. Supreme Whey is a guarantee of supplying the body with a large number of proteins that provide muscle mass growth. Due to the low content of fats and carbohydrates, it is an ideal supplement also for people who want to reduce their body fat, and at the same time take care of the condition of their muscles. Concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate guarantee you a great and fast assimilation of proteins and amino acids while maintaining high quality and quantity of protein in a portion.

Iron Horse Supreme Whey - Let your muscles grow

By expanding your muscle tissue, you have certainly come across a number of supplements, the aim of which was to provide you with a fast and effective increase in muscle mass. Not everyone worked the way you wanted it? Supreme Whey from the well-known company Iron Horse will provide you with a supplement composed of top quality raw materials that will help you achieve results that exceed your wildest expectations.

In the composition you will find a large amount of high quality protein in three fractions - concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate. Each of these factions is present here for a reason. Their action is different and each of them supports your body in building muscle mass. The concentrate is a protein subjected to the microfiltration process - it allows to obtain a pure protein without losing its properties. It provides the body with up to 80% pure protein and a small amount of carbohydrates and fats. The main advantages of this fraction is the enrichment of all types of nutrients and high protein content.

The isolate contains between 80% and 90% pure protein and it is a lactose free fraction - it facilitates digestion to people whose digestive system has problems with the transformation of these milk sugars. In addition - just like a concentrate - the isolate provides a large pool of essential amino acids to your body, that is, your body is unable to produce on its own. Hydrolyzate or WPH is the purest form of protein supplied to your body - 90-100% pure protein content makes this faction a leader. An additional advantage is the fact that it is the fastest-absorbed form of protein. Thanks to the hydrolyzate also amino acids, which are supplied with proteins are almost immediately absorbed and used by your body.

Help in reducing from Supreme Whey

Iron Horse Supreme Whey is an effective aid not only for people whose goal is to develop muscle tissue. It is also an invaluable means of assisting people who are currently reducing body fat. Due to the small amount of carbohydrates and fats you do not have to worry about disrupting your diet, while high protein content will not allow the appearance of muscle catabolism. This is a situation in which your muscles break down due to the lack of muscle building material and physical exercise. In order to take care of your figure at the same time reducing the amount of body fat, it is very important to support your body in maintaining the proper form of your muscles.

Trying to reduce body fat and build the right figure, the key elements are, of course, the right diet and a great dose of physical exercise. Due to the high intensity training, your muscles are subjected to heavy loads. Thanks to the BCAA branched chain amino acids included in the Supreme Whey formula, you can be calm about the condition of your muscle tissue. They support the regeneration of muscle fibers very effectively after high intensity exercises. Thanks to the hydrolyzate content, they are quickly absorbed and used by your body, thanks to which the regeneration proceeds correctly and at a fast pace.

Regardless of the intended goals - whether you want to expand your muscle tissue and create a muscular figure, or whether you want to reduce unwanted fat while maintaining a nice silhouette, it is worth remembering one important fact - protein and amino acids are necessary for achieving both goals . Iron Horse Supreme Whey provides you with everything you need to achieve the desired results - three protein fractions: concentrate (WPC), isolate (WPI) and hydrolyzate (WPH) provide you with a high dose of high-quality protein. It allows you to avoid the breakdown of muscle tissue and allows its expansion. Leucine, isoleucine and valine or BCAA branched amino acids will help your body regenerate after a strong workout, further supporting you in maintaining a proper figure in the event of reduction, and if your goal is a muscular figure, BCAA will help you in the faster development of muscle tissue.

Iron Horse is the key to success

Look at the composition and function of the nutrient from Iron Horse. Such a small dose - just 30 grams per serving - will give you so many positive effects on your body. Support your body regardless of whether your goal is to build muscle tissue or reduce fat. Your body needs support, which you will provide with Supreme Whey supplement during any effort

By making a decision about starting reduction training or expanding muscle tissue, you automatically get into a group of people who deserve the highest quality supplements. Only such raw materials will allow you to achieve your goals, and you will feel better with your training for training, your well-being will increase, and the effects will exceed your expectations.

Iron Horse is a company already recognized on the market, which for your own good and contentment uses only the highest quality raw materials. This allows you to provide you with a supplement that works according to its purpose. Superb taste complements the action of Supreme Whey, 3 fractions of proteins guarantee you care for the right figure and protect against muscle catabolism, BCAA amino acids support the regeneration of your muscles. Do not wait anymore, do not look for more supplements - try Supreme Whey from Iron Horse and see for yourself that it is a supplement created for you!

Serving: 1 scoop - 30g
Servings per container: 66
Packaging: 2000g

Ingredients: Microfiltered concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate of whey protein (dairy); thickeners: guar gum, xanthan gum; emulsifier: soya lecithin; sweeteners: sodium saccharin, sucralose; aromas: vanilla flavor for vanilla flavor, chocolate flavor for chocolate flavor, strawberry flavor for strawberry flavor, coconut flavor for coconut flavor, tiramisu aroma for tiramisu flavor, halva flavor for halva flavor, vanilla flavor and pear aroma for vanilla-pear flavor, aroma forest fruits for the taste of forest fruits, the town aroma for the biscuit flavor, the aroma of white chocolate for the taste of white chocolate

It contains sweeteners, contains an allergenic ingredient, a concentrate of milk whey proteins

NutrientsIn 1 serving (30g)in 100g
Energy value 487kJ 1577kJ
Calorific value 112,5kcal 371,25kcal
Protein 21g 70g
carbohydrates 4,5g 14,85g
including simple sugars 1,4g 4,62g
Fats 1,4g 4,62g
of which saturated fatty acids 0,84g 2,8g
roughage 0,36g 1,18g
Sodium 0,06g 0,2g


Amino Profile 
The type of amino acid W 100g
alanine 2,96g
arginine 1,76g
Aspartic acid 7,04g
Cysteine 1,36g
phenylalanine 2,2g
glycine 2,5g
Glutamic acid 11,5g
histidine 1,3g
isoleucine 3,9g
leucine 8g
lysine 5,9g
methionine 1,5g
proline 4,98g
serine 3,9g
threonine 3,7g
tryptophan 1g
tyrosine 2,1g
valine 3,9g

*** - The nutritional values given in the table may vary slightly depending on the lot. The site is constantly updated, however, it happens that we have several batches of product in stock.
** - Reference intake value for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)
* - Ingredients, grammage and nutritional values may vary slightly depending on the flavor variant of the product.

Directions for use: 1 serving, i.e. 1 scoop of the product, dissolve in 200ml of water or milk. Consume once a day immediately after preparation.

Dietary supplements can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Remember that only a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition ensure proper functioning of the body and maintain good condition.

Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day. The product can not be used by people who are allergic to any of its components. Keep out of the reach of small children. Store in a dry place at room temperature in tightly closed containers.

Best before end: date and batch number is on the side / bottom of the package.

Net weight: 2000g

IRON HORSE Supreme Whey - 2000g - Składniki

IRON HORSE Supreme Whey - 2000g - Dawkowanie

Tech specs:
Milk Chocolate

IRON HORSE Supreme Whey - 2000g - Opinie

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Supreme Whey - 2000g
Supreme Whey - 2000gOdżywki białkowe
30,39 €3870 PTS
Supreme Whey - 2000g
Supreme Whey - 2000gOdżywki białkowe
30,39 €3870 PTS
Supreme Whey - 2000g
Supreme Whey - 2000gOdżywki białkowe
30,39 €3870 PTS
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100% Pure Whey - 2000g + 500g GRATISOdżywki białkowe
47,90 €6099 PTS
100% Pure Whey - 2000g + 500g GRATIS
100% Pure Whey - 2000g + 500g GRATISOdżywki białkowe
47,90 €6099 PTS
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